Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girl Interrupted

Met this chic girl over the weekend and didn't think

it would leave a thought in my mind

that would stick over a span of only 2 days.

I would leave that up to the imagination for a later haze.

It was her birthday. Told her happy birthday!

She drank shots. Lots and lots.

Gets freaken drunk, don’t know how much.

But she sings shots, shots, shots, shots!

And then takes another shot of vodka.

Now, she is too hot for ya.

That was the kicker. Someone please lick her!

Laughing my ass off, she feels sick in the car already.

Driving downtown to the city of dreams to celebrate her day with friends,

She feels like throwing up, in Adam’s so called mercedes benz.

Finding for parking lot and missing turns,

brewed the sickness of her drunkenness concernz.

Finally parked, and the guy holding the bag for her from the start,


She felt good right after and partied on hard as could be,

but didn't drink again, except for water. Right on homie.

Girl, now you can do the twirl.

Drinking Budweiser, my fave,

Feeling tipsy for my age, girls in bikini dancing on stage,

I joined the parade and ready to engage.

It’s raining beads and pearls.

I swear, I did the outline of a sexy coke bottle to one of them girls.

It could be a dance show... who freaken knows.

That was my highlight.

But it was her night.

Dressed to impress, the glare of flashing lights.

Next day, lazy as hell.

Got out of bed and almost fell.

Looked in the mirror and smiled,

Another mild story to tell.

Texted me back one night,

She wanting me to join her with friends at another venue.

Budweiser, I guess that’s what is on the menu.

Looked up at the stars and the moon was bright. I said all right.

Thinking nothing out of the ordinary,

It only gets extraordinary.

Where is the end to this f*cken story? This is just a visionary....

Showed up, hung out, drank and socialized.

Saw her eyes, I was mesmerized.

Deciding not to dance, I guess I was brought in to the dance floor

By my friend budlight. It was a drinking galore.

Friendly as could be, for all to see,

Put on some moves, talked and laughed, bump and grind,

Holding of some hands, wherever it lands,

No not that kind.

And the moment was tight.

Next day, sunday morning, badass morning.

We texting like crazy. Not really, but my wrist says ‘jersi baby’.

I’m telling you girl its not my favorite story,

but tomorrow's news will go down in everyone's memory.


Thought you oughta know... said...

Glad you were there to offer a friendly hand when needed. Always the responsible party. Be safe and enjoy, but always be mindful of your limitations. I know mine and it ain't funny....

tinian_gurl said...

So you actually posted this up? :) Nice...