Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girl Interrupted

Met this chic girl over the weekend and didn't think

it would leave a thought in my mind

that would stick over a span of only 2 days.

I would leave that up to the imagination for a later haze.

It was her birthday. Told her happy birthday!

She drank shots. Lots and lots.

Gets freaken drunk, don’t know how much.

But she sings shots, shots, shots, shots!

And then takes another shot of vodka.

Now, she is too hot for ya.

That was the kicker. Someone please lick her!

Laughing my ass off, she feels sick in the car already.

Driving downtown to the city of dreams to celebrate her day with friends,

She feels like throwing up, in Adam’s so called mercedes benz.

Finding for parking lot and missing turns,

brewed the sickness of her drunkenness concernz.

Finally parked, and the guy holding the bag for her from the start,


She felt good right after and partied on hard as could be,

but didn't drink again, except for water. Right on homie.

Girl, now you can do the twirl.

Drinking Budweiser, my fave,

Feeling tipsy for my age, girls in bikini dancing on stage,

I joined the parade and ready to engage.

It’s raining beads and pearls.

I swear, I did the outline of a sexy coke bottle to one of them girls.

It could be a dance show... who freaken knows.

That was my highlight.

But it was her night.

Dressed to impress, the glare of flashing lights.

Next day, lazy as hell.

Got out of bed and almost fell.

Looked in the mirror and smiled,

Another mild story to tell.

Texted me back one night,

She wanting me to join her with friends at another venue.

Budweiser, I guess that’s what is on the menu.

Looked up at the stars and the moon was bright. I said all right.

Thinking nothing out of the ordinary,

It only gets extraordinary.

Where is the end to this f*cken story? This is just a visionary....

Showed up, hung out, drank and socialized.

Saw her eyes, I was mesmerized.

Deciding not to dance, I guess I was brought in to the dance floor

By my friend budlight. It was a drinking galore.

Friendly as could be, for all to see,

Put on some moves, talked and laughed, bump and grind,

Holding of some hands, wherever it lands,

No not that kind.

And the moment was tight.

Next day, sunday morning, badass morning.

We texting like crazy. Not really, but my wrist says ‘jersi baby’.

I’m telling you girl its not my favorite story,

but tomorrow's news will go down in everyone's memory.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1nce a week this stuff seems to happen.

It starts small, and then grows.

I see it everyday, and when the

weekend comes, good luck, it does not

get done. It isn't bad to do it. It's just the

idea of having to deal with it.

I guess I would rather walk the earth bare

not knowing we are bare. Why eve.. why did you do it?

Now I have to iron you after

being washed, worse part of the job.

...Need to figure out a way to have laundry

do the ironing for us. Wrinkleless shirts and shorts,

never seem to work. damn I need to do my laundry.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's on your mind?

The human brain is designed to think. Designed to think about the zillion things in the world, from the little stuff of who cares, to the big things that many of us do care, but wouldn't want to deal with.

What’s on your mind right now? On any day, you could be thinking randomly about how much stuff needs to be done or taken care off before 5pm.

Who made 5pm a deadline anyway? Maybe it’s based on the theory of what the human body could take on a day to day basis, which is only working 8 hours a day. Some businesses end at 5pm, the work is done for tomorrow and that’s what society thinks. Other time zones are still working after 5pm and some businesses are 24-7. Does this mean they get ahead of everybody? Not really.

Anyway, when you think about being busy and something out of the blue just pops up in your head, something meaningful that will take you away of whatever is important your doing. Then you reminisce and smile, and later, look at your very important work that needs to be out by 5pm. Suddenly, this important work isn't that very important after all. It is just another project that needs to be taken care of at the end of the day. And when it is not in time, nobody will die from it, the hours will still move on and people will still smile.

During your thought process, when you were so busy to the time you thought about something off topic and really enjoyed that timeframe of memory, who were you thinking off? You’re loved ones, friends, events, important days, or years ago from childhood, or randomly someone you don't care about and you thought about them, weird?! Do you feel thinking about this either sets your mood going forward to be more excited, work efficient, or less stressed. Maybe force you to be depressed, have attitudes such as anger, or just plain quiet that does not want to be bothered.

Thinking of thoughts, what am I thinking right now... sounds of water, traveling, beach, woman in bikinis, men in Speedos, and beer. All sounds good, except men in Speedos.

Right now, lunch has arrived. Thinking while I eat, what will I do when the weekend comes?

A few seconds later... I'm thinking of ice cream.

And then...right about now, a split second later... I'm thinking of my father and mother. This seems to stick and linger for a bit as I stare at a water bottle.

Maybe the water bottle is trying to tell me something. The word 'clear' comes to mind. Clear... clear what, Is it clear to me that my parents wanted me to be close by and take care of them.

It becomes cozy and yet a bit emotional, but I'm thinking about them in a good way at this moment. I don't see them daily. I either write or talk to them by technology.

I see them happy, that’s all I need to think about for now.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life's Soundtrack

Music come and goes in a playlist, just like recyclables of CD’s being left to sit in the car and never be played again. Music does become an annoyance to your eardrum. When a jam (song) gets its chance to make it through the first 10 seconds on your music player, your eardrum decides whether it is the right hit for this moment in time. Remember that playlist you had for some special occasion, you had vanilla ice and the ice ice baby song makes your head sway side to side…to add a little extra it makes you want to do the running man for some reason, then bust out the roger rabbit foot work. Cracks me up, can you still do the dance? Yes I can! And then skip to the next track and you got the MC hammer mix making you jump up and 2 legitting everyone in front of you. Haha, that was 5th grade to my memory. And then there are some that are classics and once a week would be played to its full length and be sung with passion, those songs never get old. Finally, others would be played everyday as a soundtrack to your morning for strength, motivation, and meaning to your day, mine was 1st of the month by bone thugs.

Whatever soundtrack you pick, it becomes the right combination of tunes that you feel is the soundtrack to your life without ever regretting that it is played, and not once thought about skipping the track to move on to the next one. If you thought about the many songs that came and gone through your existence, what would be your top 10 or 20 choices that would make up your playlist as to the soundtrack of your life till now.


Don’t you think it will be fun to recall the old memories from those tunes once it is played, like remembering the time you got dumped and this love song helped you regain
your sanity to move on and be a better person that will never be dumped again.

As you listen to your soundtrack on the go or to whatever tasks you are doing, does it only seems so perfect that you are invincible and nothing can stop you. That’s if when the music stops and then you are back to reality of the sounds of traffic, cell phone rings, people laughing and talking, or even talking about you.

Would you think the only track that brings joy and family memories that would stick in your mind for a long time to come is the happy birthday song? It’s not the best head banging song available, unless some idiot makes an auto-tune version of it and then it becomes a fad for a bit and then a recyclable. Does it bring back all the birthdays and celebrations you’ve been to and the only time it gets played, is when a dozen kids or people sing it to their voices, then we know who the true karaoke singers are! Classic.

The soundtrack to your life, so many, but yet only one that could bring you back to the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s like a kid again… It’s your birthday song, and you can eat your cake with it too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Take a Dive

You heard the song "Under the Sea" by Sebastian, the ever so worried red head crab from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Well it is somewhat true that beneath the waters of the ocean floor, the seaweed grass seems to be greener even though there isn't much sunlight to shine. Maybe it’s because the deep blue colors reflect light to give illuminating sunlight to blue life under the sea. The colorful world of species and corals all blend in with life under the sea to give it an aura effect. The calmness of underwater effects would make any human feel free from their own nature of living, which is away from the nosiness above the surface. Under the sea, experience your self floating in the midst of tranquility, hearing your heart beating and your lungs breathing with the unexpected fear of being under water. The slow motions of everything beneath and around you leave your mind to start having an intervention with itself such as thinking about the fascination of your life underwater compared to after you get out of the water. Would it be clear that everything above the water is in agreement with each other? Like life in general, like right now.

Put aside everything that you think matters to you, and take a dive and feel the rush of water bubbles tickling upon your skin. Whether it is in your backyard pool or the beach, immerse yourself away for minutes, or however long you think you could hold your breath for. See a difference on how your life is at the moment underwater for a few seconds compared to standing out of the water. Being underwater may not change the person you are, but it could change your mindset to thinking the way you live your life of how you want it to be. As a reason that is stated in the good book of God, water cleanses the soul. It feels like being baptized all over again. Now, some of us could never remember themselves getting baptized at such a young age. All we could see was pictures of the event. Would you think that this is the reason why when we jump into the water it feels like we had been here before we were born? Water seems to give us some flashback that we belong together because we were touched by it even before birth. The feeling makes it look like we are being reborn again right when we start to make that journey back to the top of the crescent and splash upwards. The last thing is to blow out a little air from your nose to catch the first breath of your new mindset going forward. Inhale and exhale a huge breath of air. Refreshing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Weak in Progress

The week is going by much faster. By the time you know, it is your birthday! Feeling older yet?
The week really depends on the person's daily perspective of life on what is fast or slow. Living life faster only seems fast if you feel busy enough to wear and tear yourself at the end of the week. Most people phrase this lifestyle as, 'living life in the fastlane'. Although, it does not mean you are riding a ferrari or lambourgini going 110 mile per hour in the fast lane.
In the prefrontal cortex of the brain, life would seem fast if you worked like a dog 24-7, and partied like a cheetah with your body moving at a faster pace by scorching yourself with alchohol shots every night. A faster lifestyle could be putting your life on a schedule to follow every week. Living the glamorous life of a 'normal lifestyle' would help that perspective because your always on-call from agents, clients, kids and friends demanding you to be at a location at a certain time.
Not knowing, that the hours of the world stays the same and it does not go any faster or slower. It's all in your head on how you percieve the world to be revolving around your life in time at that moment. Living the slow life of reading a novel is not really slow either. You could be waking up early every morning, making coffee, checking the mail or email, and be happy that someone has called you to say hi as the highlight of a fast day. But if you do this every week times four, a new month comes along and your life is feeling slower than your kids.
When the weekend hits, you reflect on your week thinking about the past on how did you do such as: For men, did I miss a deadline, I talked to this girl at the bar and she didn't want to go out, etc... For women, anything goes as long as it is faster, was said and done (not an expert in womens' thoughts).
The progress of the week depends on the mind and body. Feeling energetic takes you to new heights and allows you to accomplish your goals faster. Feeling weak or having a depressing mindset leaves you to progress no more than pulling out your gray hair at the end of the week.
Hmm... got to get a faster car!

Monday, May 31, 2010

June 2010 is a good month to begin thinking to ourselves, 'make some extra money for the holidays'. Working 8 to 5 is not cutting edge enough to fulfill a satisfied life of having internet available to stay on blogspot.
I go on an expedition in my kitchen table to draw up a plan.
Here is my resolution to a non-problem: I will sit and wait for the days to come by while working and consulting with myself on a blank 8'x11" paper. Then I draw one line, some scribbles, and a few inspiring words, and then crumple the paper. That was the end of trying to create something new for myself and another lingering idea that has just left my mind for now. So on to the next idea that is still pushing my mind to do something that the body doesn't really want to do. Minutes later, I set a new layer of paper and a pen in hand. Didn't I just let go of this idea and wanting to create a new piece? The idea hasn't left the building. I'm sure this happens to most of us with a great idea, but will often never get to accomplish.
And therefore, the sleepless nights begin. I figure thats why in the morning some people have issues when someone says hi, how you doing? Don't talk to me!